Selling Your Medical Product on Amazon

If you are trying to grow your business without being on Amazon, you’re kidding yourself.


The best way to get your product out in the world is online.

And the best way to be online, is to be on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online marketplace with over $100B in annual sales. Amazon’s online sales are 5x the size of the online sales of Wal-Mart, Target, and, combined. Amazon has over 300MM active customer accounts.

Thirty eight percent (38%) of shoppers start with Amazon. A huge 92% of shoppers who start their purchase journey on Amazon typically make their final purchase on the site, too.

People want an online retail experience for their medical products, supplies, and equipment.

If you do not have your medical products on Amazon, you are limiting your growth.
The problem is creating a full online retail operation takes too long and the Amazon selling process is painful to deal with.

Not anymore.

At Inspiration Medical Technology, we have created a process to get your products in front of the people who want them — fast and with a plan that fits any budget.


How it Works

Business Options:
We want to help you be successful, whether you are a large, multinational company, a start-up launching your first product, or anywhere in-between. We offer three options to fit to your business’ unique needs and budget.

Option 1: Your Products, Our Channels
Inspiration Medical has established distribution channels on Amazon and extensive customer lists. With this option, we introduce your products to IMT’s distribution and marketing channels, including listing on Amazon. There is no upfront cost for you — Inspiration Medical is paid on the margin between the wholesale and retail prices.

Option 2: Lift Off:
We build your Amazon presence and then turn it over to you to maintain and run. We work with you through all your first steps. We set up your page, design it for for optimal appeal and conversion, and set up your advertising for maximum results. We’re done after we get you off and running. For this service we charge a flat fee, based on the number of products listed.

Option 3: We Build, We Manage:
We will build and manage your own unique distribution channel. You will have your own Amazon seller account and pages, and your own social media accounts linked to your Amazon pages. There will be interconnected marketing throughout. In addition to setting it all up for you, we continue to manage and optimize your Amazon presence for maximum growth. We do this for no upfront money, but are paid a commission based on the monthly sales we generate. We are only paid if we are successful in selling for you.

End Result:
After you come aboard, we start with our proprietary “Amazon Bestseller Program”. We promote your product to email lists and groups who are interested in your product category, and pair that with both free and paid promotions. This usually results in getting your product in front of thousands of interested customers within the first few weeks. Try doing that on our own website. We can do that for a fraction of the typical online marketing budget. People on Amazon are buyers, not searchers of information. These views turn into sales.


Why wouldn’t I just put it up myself?
Selling and marketing on Amazon is a time consuming process. Acquiring customers, maintaining and optimizing product listings to convert clicks to sales, achieving best seller status, advertising on different platforms, A/B testing and SEO are intensive processes. We streamline these for you. With proven results after introducing dozens of products we know we can help your grow and scale quickly.

What’s in it for IMT?
We are constantly trying to add more products to our distribution network. Every product added is a win for us.

How do you find customers?
We already have a built out list of thousands of customers. We are also experienced in bringing on new Amazon customers and microtargeting through social media.

How long does this process take?
Once you sign up with us you can have your product up within 2 weeks.

Can I add thoughts and notes to our material?
Yes. Any changes you wanted completed on materials we create for you can be done.

How do you decide what companies to work with?
We want to add maximum value to the customers in our network. We want to sell quality medical equipment to the people who might find value in them. If you have a great product and you are looking to grow, let’s talk.

To Get Started
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