Inspiration Medical Technology is in the business of building relationships with medical device manufacturers, inventors, and innovators. We enter into agreements to bring their medical technologies to a broader market. These relationships accelerate the product development and adoption. We are interested in growing our product pipeline to leverage our medical product marketing expertise.


To discuss the potential partnership opportunity, please contact:

Stephen Miller at [email protected]

All information submitted as a potential opportunity to Inspiration Medical Technology, Inc. (IMT)
should be considered non-proprietary, non-confidential, and in the public domain.
The disclosure to IMT is being made on a NON CONFIDENTIAL basis (i.e., only submitting non-confidential information), and that no confidentiality obligations whatsoever are created or implied by submitting this opportunity to IMT.
By submitting information to the above address, YOU AGREE and WARRANT that:

  • This information is non-confidential
  • Publishing this information does not interfere with the intellectual property rights of any party other than yourself
  • You have the right to disclose this information to us, and
  • We may use this information for any purpose we deem appropriate.

At a later stage, we may request confidential or proprietary information from you and will make the appropriate arrangements at that time (e.g. through a Confidentiality Agreement).
You are not relying upon IMT in any way whatsoever for legal advice, including (but not limited to) advice concerning the protection of the submission.

No relationship or other obligation between you and IMT is being created by the submission of this opportunity.
You acknowledge that IMT may already be independently working on a similar technology as covered by your submission and that you will not therefore assert any intellectual property rights against IMT in this respect.